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Happy New Year! There is a lot to look forward to in 2019 and we're praying with you for God's best this coming year. We've got some news right off the bat that pertains to our services at the Fort Langley location. Beginning February 3rd we'll be adjusting service times. Here's a look:


(9:30a at our Willoughby location remains unaltered)

But why? It's simple - we want to make room. Over the years LWC has grown from one service to two, to three, to four, to launching our Willoughby location.

Making room and growth is part of our story, all because we believe everyone is welcome, and in order to welcome people, we need to make room! Though adding another service or launching a new location are possibilities in our future, we felt this slight adjustment would help us in the meantime.

You will notice the 8:30a service is not adjusting, but the 10:30a is moving to 10a, and the 12p is moving to 11:30a. Though our 12p service is strong, we feel moving it a little earlier will better serve more people. For example:

  • We hope to better serve more TWU students at the 11:30a service via our free shuttle.
  • We hope to better serve more children and families through Kids@theFort during the 11:30a service that begins after worship.
  • We hope to better serve more people in general as we make room, creating space for us to invite friends and neighbours.

Change is sometimes a challenge, but also many times it's a chance. This is a chance to continue to reflect the values we hold as a community and be open to what's next for our church.

If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, please feel free to ask and share! We're all ears.

Thanks for making LWC so special. Your love and faithfulness is deeply appreciated by our Pastoral Team and Council!

Fort Langley service times adjust February 3rd, 2019.