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UPDATE: July 8, 2021

Restrictions for religious groups in B.C. have been lifted! Join us all summer long as we ease our way back together for:

  • Sunday Family Services (starting July 25, 9am & 11am in Fort Langley)
  • Sunday Socials (Aug 1, 15, 29) 
  • Want to continue with Church at Home and Kids at Home? Join us online every Sunday too!

Find the full Summer Sunday schedule here!

*We're working to ensure in person spaces are safe and considerate. Though no Public Health restrictions are in place for religious groups, we have an internal safety plan in order to consider various health concerns. Please note that our Public Health officials have recommended masks for indoor public spaces, though they are no longer mandatory.

UPDATE: July 1, 2021

This week religous groups in B.C. were given increased freedom to gather in person. Our Council and Ministry team are presently working to determine how best to serve our church and broader community under the new guidelines. Thanks for your patience as we move into this new phase together!

What about Sunday, July 4?
- Please join us for Kids at Home and Church at Home online!
- Please join us for Sunday Night Worship at 7pm in our Fort Langley location - find more information here! Childcare will be provided, but please register children through the event page.


UPDATE: June 3, 2021

Over the past few weeks, we have all heard about the loosening of restrictions here in B.C. In particular, you may have heard about the loosening of restrictions for faith-based gatherings. This is good news! We can now gather up to 50 people indoors or outdoors with safety plans in place. This means that our youth will continue to meet in person as they have been doing for months, our preteens are beginning to gather in-person, as well as Arts Camp and our upcoming Men’s and Women’s Network Worship gatherings. So exciting!
However, with the ability to gather in person also comes the safety protocols that make it possible. This means that when we gather it will still not be the same as pre-pandemic. Masks, physical distancing, and limits on socialization and singing will be in place for the coming weeks and months. Although not ideal, we are celebrating that we can be in-person and together!
As pastoral and volunteer teams, we are so excited to be able to begin welcoming everyone! A few things you can do:

  • Attend our in-person gatherings. Although they will not be the “same”, they will be wonderful times of worship and unity.
  • Be patient. We look forward to the continued easing of restrictions which will mean a continual adjustment for those in leadership at Living Waters. Please be patient as we adapt each time the restrictions change.
  • Pray. This is an exciting season, and scripture tells us that in season and out, we should pray to our heavenly Father, so let’s do that!

If you have any questions, please let us know!


UPDATE: May 27th, 2021

With the recent update from our provincial government, we have outlined how the new loosening of restrictions impacts LWC. Here is what physical gathering can look like for religious groups:

  • As of March 28: Up to fifty persons can gather outdoors in religious/community spaces with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place (for example, various Network gatherings).
  • As of May 27: Up to fifty persons can gather indoors in religious/community spaces with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place (example: our weekly Youth Network, children’s Arts Camp 2021 or various Network gatherings).

LWC has a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place to facilitate these kinds of gatherings and our team will be working to roll out options as we can. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the ongoing changes in restrictions in how we can gather safely.
We will continue to bring updates as soon as possible and how this influences our ministry directions!


UPDATE: MARCH 4th, 2021

As current provincial health restrictions permit that “structured extracurricular activities and programs for children or youth 21 years of age and younger can continue to operate with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place," we will begin hosting in-person youth gatherings beginning March 16th

These gatherings will align with our safety protocols given to us by BC Health and WorkSafeBC such as contact tracing, a limit of 50 guests, mandatory masks, and physical distancing among other considerations.

For more information on these gatherings and how to register you can check out The Youth Network's Calendar.



Here's an update from Living Waters Church following the release from B.C.'s health authorities concerning the new restrictions for religious organizations.

As of November 19, 2020, indoor religious gatherings are no longer permitted. These province-wide restrictions will be in place for the next month and will be reviewed throughout the month.

These gatherings include things like Life Groups, worship services of any size and other indoor public events. Outdoor events are permitted so long as health and safety protocols are followed (such as a drive-thru).

Even though LWC has an approved COVID-19 Safety Plan in place that has allowed us to safely gather in our church building, these new restrictions supersede those precautions. However, though gatherings are not permitted, religious buildings remain open for essential community support and as workplaces.

In the coming days, we will aim to clarify further what this means for community volunteerism and other connection points.

Though this news is obviously disappointing for many of us, we want to remind you that there are many ways to connect online through Life Groups, Church at Home on Sundays and other online Network events. Please see the website for more details!

Let's all continue to pray, stay safe and do our very best to stick together through this challenging season. If you have any questions, please let us know!



  • A comprehensive Health and Safety Plan is in place, ensuring service recording is done as safely as possible.
  • Segments of services are filmed on different days and times to ensure as few people are possible are in our recording space.
  • All musicians are six feet apart during recordings and wear masks during set up and rehearsal. Masks are only removed during the recording of each song and are used again once the recording is completed.