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Advent 2015

Upon arrival, Jesus didn't show up with Christmas presents, decorations or dinner. What did he bring? What is he bringing today?

November 29 - Hope (Ryan Bedwell)

December 6 - Peace (Reuben Kramer)

December 13 - Love (Joanne Knight)

Decemebr 20 - Joy (Luke Knight)

December 24 - Christmas Eve (Doug Smith) 3PM, 4:15PM, 5:30PM, 6:45PM


Advent means arrival and is intended to help us look backward as well as forward. We look backward and celebrate Jesus’ arrival as a baby in a manger, and look forward to his return in glory when he’ll make all things new.  

Advent is extra-biblical meaning it was established through Church tradition to help Christians focus on and grow in their faith. Advent themes are: hope, peace, love and joy, and are accompanied each year by the Lectionary's recommended readings. The Lectionary is a collection of readings from the Bible that the global Church uses in worship.  

You can celebrate Advent through the readings by following the link below. We’ve also added a handful of other links with ideas about how to celebrate Advent well.

Lectionary (Sunday readings)

Book of Common Prayer (Daily readings)

Advent for families

Luke's 2014 Advent journey (give it a try yourself!)

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