Go&Lead is a leadership development program for students in grades 7 and 8.  The class meets once a month from October to June at 10:30am in the Youth Centre.  Our aim is to help students grow in their relationship with God as well as in their leadership skills.  We will do this through discussions, real life leadership experiences, coffee shop chats and good ol' teaching.  

Dates & Topics

October 14

Introduction: Let's Talk About Leading Kids

November 04

Can I Lead?  A Coffee Shop Chat

December 02

Plan to Protect & the 411 on Hosting

December 09

Real Life Leadership Experience: Host Team 

January 13

The Story of My Life

February 03

Leading with Teams: A Coffee Shop Chat

March 03

Serving the Community & Real Life Leadership Experience: Serving in Community Clean Up

April 07 

How Do I Share Jesus with Others? 

May 05

End of Go&Lead Party!