LWC is highlighting Newcomers to Canada in July & August. 


Nearly 42,000 immigrants came to BC in 2018, along with 119,000 international students. Living Waters Church welcomes some of these newcomers every Sunday, and throughout the week too. 

Being new can be an exciting adventure for many, and a huge challenge for others. Many newcomers do not speak English as a first language. Refugees are dealing with trauma and the challenges of starting again. Refugee claimants also have to go through the process of claiming asylum, finding safety in Canada. All know how it feels to be new, and to miss home.  

This is where we, at LWC, can make a big difference. One of our core values is Community, and there are simple things we can do to make all newcomers feel part of their new local community.   

Want to connect? Friendship and connection are crucial to newcomers so they can start feeling like they belong. Even meeting for coffee and a chat can make a world of difference. 

Want to teach? Many newcomers need English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Or if you are interested in something less formal, many of the organizations run Conversation Circles, where the aim is to chat and build friendships through practicing English. 

Want to help someone develop and grow professionally? Local Community Services run Employment Mentor programs for Newcomers. 

Want to be a tour guide? Many organizations would love volunteers to organize Canadian Cultural Events and Trips to show Newcomers around.  

Know a trade? Many of the organizations, especially the transition houses, would love volunteers to help with maintenance of buildings and gardens.


Click on Ways to Serve to explore more opportunities.