Kids kindergarten to Grade 6 will love to learn about Jesus in our [email protected] Navigator program. Our Fort Navigators will journey through an interactive, high energy program with music, drama, and games.

Checking In

Starting Sunday June 30th our service times will

change to 9 & 11 am.

During the first two services, 8:30am and 10:00am, parents/caregivers can come down to the lower floor and check in their children in just before service begins and check out at the same location when service is finished.


Kids in Grades 5 & 6 gather in the Youth Centre (annex building) during our 10:00 service. During the 8:30 service, Preteens join with the Navigators on the lower floor.

Preteens can check in with their leaders at the Youth Centre (through the door at the end of the hall).

Click here for upcoming Preteen events. 

11:30am Service

During the 11:30am service, kids in grades K-6 are welcome to join the [email protected] Small Group. Parents/Caregiver can check their kids into the small group during community time in the upper room.