During our Kids@TheFort Climbers program, your preschooler will learn about God through age-appropriate Bible lessons, hands-on activities, and interactive play. 


Sunday August 25th we return to our regular service times of: 8:30, 10:00, & 11:30am.

Our summer schedule runs until Sunday, September 8th, when the kids will move into their small groups.

Available on the lower floor of the church, during our 8:30 and 10:00 services, we provide a fun and engaging program for 2-year-olds, (born in 2016), 3-year-olds (2015), and 4-year-olds (2014).

Parents/Caregivers can come downstairs and check in their children before the services begin and check out and pick up their children when the service is finished. 

11:30am Service

At our 11:30am service, the Climbers get checked in on the upper floor in the nursery.


We also have pagers for our Parents/Caregivers if needed. These can be picked up and returned when signing in/out on the lower floor.