At Living Waters kids are SPECIAL!

Kids@TheFort is about Faith, Family, Friends and Fun! Our church has a passionate and proactive children's leadership team.

Our team’s goal is to coach children on how to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We partner with parents/caregivers in teaching Bible principles and values that will positively influence your children's spiritual journey. 

Plan to Protect

The best way to encourage a child's faith to grow is through a fun, safe and child-friendly environment. Our quality care includes the requirement for all our staff and volunteers to learn the Plan To Protect Policy and to complete a criminal record check. Your children's safety is our priority!


Located on our upper floor, we care for children ages newborn to 2 years of age (born in 2018). 


On the lower floor, we care for children ages 2 (born in 2017), 3 (2016), and 4 (2015). They are our "Climbers" at the Fort!

Kindergarten-Grade 4

On the lower floor, we have a fun space for children in Kindergarten - Grade 4. They are our "Navigators" at the Fort!


Our preteens (Grade 5 -6) meet in our Youth Centre during the 10:10 service. During the 8:30 service they join together with the Navigators on the lower floor.

Volunteer at Kids@TheFort!

At Living Waters Church, we think our Kids@TheFort volunteers are GREAT! We are so excited that you want to serve with our children.

Click the Volunteer tab on the left to learn more.

For more information please email our Children’s Pastor, Dee-Ana Goodman