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Grow is a learning community where we create space for dialogue about important realities within our culture. You can listen to past sessions here.

Next Sessions

Monday, November 8 - Coming to Grips with a Global Jesus (Rikk Watts)

Rikk Watts (PhD) will join us to discuss Jesus' cultural roots, how those expanded in Christian history, and how to keep in mind the global ownership of Jesus though still reading him in his cultural history.

Monday, November 29 - Coming to Grips with a Global Jesus (Katie & Benson Duong)

Equality track. Joining us are Katie Duong (PhD), and Benson Duong. We will discuss the challenges of seeing Jesus through our own cultural lenses, and how to ensure Jesus is globally considered.


We are focusing on 3 Grow Tracks through 2021:

  • Equality & the Gospel
  • We Are Kwantlen: Exploring the 7 Traditional Laws
  • Jesus & Scripture