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Equipping you to fulfill your calling at work, home, church, and in your community.

It wasn't God's intention for us to trudge through life day in and day out. God wants us to delight in what we do - to work with joy and live a fulfilling life. Life isn't meant to be full of busyness, chaos, and to-do lists. Instead, life is meant to be full of wonder, joy, and delight.

How do we do that? We work from a place of strength! The Discovery Journey Group is designed to help you do exactly that!


February 22, March 1, March 8 | 6:30pm

Cost: $28 - For the Clifton's Strengths Online Assessment

Discovery is built around 3 sessions, homework, as well as a mentoring session:

  1. Discovering your Power

  2. Discovering your Passion

  3. Discovering your Purpose

  4. Discovering your Potential (Mentoring Session)

Register below - Questions? Contact Fiona Keen or Mike Vaters.