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Evangel Week 6: Load Testing Love

Check out the video sermon for week 6 titled "Load Testing Love" here.

Big Idea: Our lives, like love, only grow when we learn to give them away.

Opening Questions:

  • When are some of the times you’ve felt most fulfilled? Is there any connection between that sense of fulfillment and giving yourself away?

Read Philippians 2:1-11 and Discuss the Following

  1. Paul says to have ‘the mind of Christ’, reading this passage what does Christ’s mind look like?
  2. The most important word in this passage is “therefore” in verse 9 as it infers that Jesus’ self-emptying is the reason for his glorification. When have you felt the benefits of taking the low road?
  3. If God is going to glorify someone who lets himself be crucified by ‘sinners’, what type of attitude or posture should we take to people we think are wrong, sinful, etc?
  4. What do you think it looks like to believe in ‘resurrection life’ here and now? What does it mean to die to yourself and be risen with Christ (Rom. 6/Galatians 2:20) everyday?