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Evangel Week 3: Fire Escape

Check out the video sermon for week 3 titled "Fire Escape" here.

Big Idea: Jesus’ coming is the start of a new and exciting thing, heaven happening all around us here on earth.

  • How have you been taught to think of heaven? What images come to mind?
  • What have you experienced in the last couple days that could be called ‘heavenly’?
  • What are the consequences of thinking the world is a bad place?

Read Luke 13:10-17 and consider the following:

  1. Imagine yourself in this story, what would you feel as you see the action unfold?
  2. The religious leader is angry at Jesus for breaking a religious taboo and working a miracle on the Sabbath. What are some of the taboos and rules that Christians have that might get in the way of following Jesus through helping others?
  3. One of the big questions throughout Christian history has to do with Christianity’s relationship to culture—with the poles being an approach that emphasizes social justice/political activism and another approach that emphasizes right doctrine/‘saving souls’. What do you think is the appropriate level of involvement of Christians in things like politics, social change, activism, etc?
  4.  If you’re a church attender, who do you think gets overlooked in our gatherings? What can we do about that?