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Week 1 - Whispers in the Dark

Check out the video sermon for week 1 titled "whispers in the dark" here.

Big Idea: Grace, mercy, justice, love and goodness are the DNA of the universe created by the God whose character embodies these ideals—best demonstrated in the Exodus of Israel out of slavery in Egypt through God’s intervention.

  • What experiences from today make it easy to believe the world is a good place
  • How do you think most people would answer the Einstein’s question ‘is the universe a friendly place?’ Why?

Read Psalm 82. Wherever the translation has the word ‘gods’ or ‘heavenly beings’ think ‘human rulers.’ Many modern biblical translators and commentators argue that the use of the Hebrew Elohim—usually translated ‘god’ or ‘mighty one’—is used in this Psalm as an ironic stab at kings who considered themselves divine. Once read a couple times, take some time to react to the Psalm as a group. Then discuss the following:

  1. This Psalm imagines God holding court with the rulers of the world, what does He hold them accountable for?
  2. What effects do the actions of these rulers have?
  3. How does the phrase ‘God’s judgement’ make you feel?
  4. Given asking for ‘God’s judgment’ is where the Psalm ends, how do you think the Psalmist felt about it?
  5. If God was going to move like He did in the Exodus, where do you think it would be today?