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Evangel Week 2: Luchador

Watch the video sermon for week 2 titled "Luchador" on Instagram or access the transcript below.

Big Idea: The faith demonstrated by Israel—the people and the person—is best described as clinging to God even in the midst of questions, frustrations, doubts, and failure.

Opening Questions:

  • Whether you’ve grown up around Christians or not, how do you think questions, doubts, frustrations, and failures are thought of?
  • Given the messiness of Israel’s story, how do you think we can make space for these things?

Read Psalm 73:1-14, and then consider the following:

  1. What is it that almost makes the Psalmist ‘slip’? Is this surprising?
  2. What would make you ‘slip’?
  3. Some think v10-11 is a hint that Israel was following the example of wicked people, how do you think wealth and secularism are connected?

Read Psalm 73:15-28 and consider the following:

  1. Notice the parallelism in the Psalm, the psalmist almost ‘slipped’ and the wicked are ultimately on ‘slippery’ ground. What real life examples come to mind of wealth not bringing happiness? Why doesn’t it?
  2. What rewards are there for the one who remains ‘pure’?
  3. How do you think the Psalmist's thinking is different from karma—do good and receive good, do bad and receive bad, etc.?