Zach & Megan Wylie

Zach & Megan Wylie

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Zach and Megan serve a nation of 70 million people where less than 1% are Christian, 94% are Buddhist and 5% are Muslim. This is Thailand. Zach and Megan's vision is to see the 1% increase. 

Zach, as the new ‘Executive Director’ of Imagine Thailand, has been working with Peter Dove (previous director and founder of Imagine Thailand) in succession planning, learning organization culture, vision, mission, and values.  Zach, along with a core group of Imagine Thailand leaders, have been dreaming and planning for the future of the organization, reorganizing roles and responsibility and increasing the efficiency of impact that our organization can have in the future.  Zach is also actively involved in university ministry in Bangkok and developing youth and young-leaders in many of the FGAT (PAOC Thailand) churches.

Megan, as the ‘Director of Health and Wellness’, is focusing on learning and acclimatizing to the Thai cultural beliefs about gender roles within the family, work-place, and larger society.  This includes understanding how beliefs about gender affect maternal health as well as sexual and reproductive health and education.  Megan is currently creating Thai-based curriculum in order to begin educating Thai women (ages 8 – 30) in sexual and reproductive health and will begin equipping women in Mae Sot (northern Thailand), Bangkok (central Thailand) and Takuapa (southern Thailand) this year. 

The Wylie family will be having their 3rd baby in March, 2018 and both excited and nervous about the changes this will bring to their family and to their ministry roles in Thailand.  We appreciate your prayers in this area!  

Prayer Requests

  • Favour and opportunity, as we continue our partnership journey (both financial and prayer).       
  • Vision and drive, for our work and responsibilities in our respective positions.
  • The nation of Thailand, as they continue to move towards a stronger tomorrow.
  • Our growing family, as we journey through parenting three young children.