Zach & Megan Wylie

Zach & Megan Wylie

Thailand |


We serve a nation of 70 million people where less than 1% are Christian, 94% are Buddhist and 5% are Muslim. This is Thailand. Our vision is to see the 1% increase. 


We do this through helping build bridges between those who have opportunity and those who don't. We do this through leadership development programs in multiple Universities across the nation; the installation of water filtration systems and distribution of soy milk to migrant communities in the North West; English corner and an exploring Christianity (Alpha) programs at one of the largest universities in Bangkok;  after school tutoring and kids programs  at our centre in the the South; and Saturday morning kids church at our centre in the South.  The construction of these "bridges" creates space for opportunities for people to meet and know Jesus.  


We are serving as the Executive Director (Zach) and Health and Wellness Programs Director (Megan) of Imagine Thailand.  Eleanor (4) and Azaiah (2) serve as our evangelistic outreach team, creating inroads into the hearts and lives of those we never could. We are privileged to live and serve alongside Matthew and Amber Price, as well as a dynamic team of Thai and international staff.


Prayer Requests

  • Catalyzed Understanding: For language acquisition and culture
  • Vision & Influence: For our Thai Regional Directors
  • Partnership: With the Thai church which is growing in unprecedented ways
  • Emerging Leaders: Within the universities
  • Unity: Between the Price’s & Wylie’s
  • Relationship: For the 99% who have yet to meet Jesus
  • Spiritual Strongholds: For hope to win against toxic mindsets and negative historical narratives