Darcy & Leanne McAlister

Darcy & Leanne McAlister

Canada |


Darcy and Leanne McAlister, along with being a part of the Living Waters community, work with International Missions for the PAOC. Darcy is the Personnel and Family Life Director, and in that role works hard to find, assess, train and care for all of the PAOC's global workers! This means a good deal of travel across the country meeting people who feel called to long term missions and a good deal of skyping as well! Leanne is the coordinator of ZOE Networks.  She works with women across Canada encouraging leadership development and discipleship (ZOE Discipleship) and raises awareness and resources for the work our PAOC global workers do with women (ZOE Projects).  Darcy and Leanne travel together internationally several times a year doing leadership development, care for our global workers, and encouraging our international partners as they work to see spiritual transformation. 


For the most up to date infornation on ZOE Networks  http://www.zoenetwork.ca/

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Prayer Requests:

  • Capacity and Rest: We have a lot to do and don’t want to over do it
  • Protection as we travel: We travel to places many others don’t
  • Resources and support: These are necessary to do the job (these are support raising roles)
  • Supernatural insight: As we minister in so many varied contexts
  • Changed lives: As a result of our work



Zoe Projects - Helping Women Thrive from PAOC Missions on Vimeo.