The Youth Network

The Leadership Project

We, at the Youth Network, believe in recognizing and releasing students to lead in the Church, the Youth Network, and in their context. We also believe that God has gifted students with amazing passions, strengths and abilities in leadership. We hope to identify those God-given gifts, teach students how to use them, and create opportunities for them to function in them.  

The Leadership Project is a program that focuses on discipleship, as well as practical training in how to lead in whatever context they choose (worship, Youth, Church, etc.). This is done through a few different streams:

The Learning Project 

The Learning Project is a series of mini discipleship classes (3-5 weeks long) that will help students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their faith as well as help them navigate the demands of everyday life. We will be launching this initative sometime in the new year.  Stay tuned!

The Worship Project

The Worship Project is a space for students to explore what it means to lead in worship.  This includes learning to play the music, but more than that, it's learning what it means to worship our God with sincerity, while leading others to do the same.  Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by some of Living Waters more seasoned worship leaders and band members. The Worship Project meets every second Tuesday night from 5PM-6:30PM.  Dinner is included.

If you have any questions, contact Nicholas.

The Service Project

The Service Project is an intiative that gives students a chance to put their faith in action in the form of service.  We have many opportunities to serve our church community as well as our greater community of Langley and abroad.  

If you have any questions, contact Courtney.   

The Leadership Project Expectations

Students must...

  • Be a follower of Jesus
  • Attend youth at least 3 times a month (they can trade a Tuesday for a Sunday or vice versa)
  • Serve in at least one area of the Youth Network Tuesday/Sunday nights (ie. welcome team, game team, worship team, media, sound etc.)
  • Participate in pre gathering prayer (6:30-6:45)
  • Help with clean up
  • Participate in and complete the Living Waters Church membership class.  This time around it's a one day class on January 21st. Please RVSP here. 
  • Participate in and complete at least one learning project class a year (when available)
    • Zoe Leadership Course (for girls in grades 11&12) counts
    • Go Lead Class (for students in grades 7&8) counts
  • Be plugged into a Life Group (when available)
  • Complete semester projects (given in September & January)
  • Meet with their mentor monthly

*If one or more of these expectations cannot be met due to full schedules please talk with Rebeca or Ben and we can work something out.  

The Leadership Project Perks

  • Volunteer hours for school
  • References + Reference Letter (for post secondary school and/or job)
  • Leadership experience (both behind the scenes and upfront)
  • Ongoing mentorship

The Leadership Project Process

If you are interested in becoming a student leader you need to...

  • Obtain the Student Leadership Commitment Form (from Rebeca or Ben), sign it and hand it in
  • Complete the Leadership Project online application form 
  • Meet with either Rebeca or Ben (or both) for a coffee/tea/juice and chat!