Spiritual Formation

Water Baptism

We get excited to celebrate new life, stories with baptisms!

Water baptism is a significant step in our faith journey. It's a public demonstration of our faith that Jesus models in the New Testament, and is symbolic of cleansing, death and resurrection - AND our entire community cheers and celebrates with you.

We often have baptisms in the winter months, Easter Sunday and near the end summer.


Water Baptism Class | Sunday, August 13th @ 12Noon

Baptism Sunday | Sunday, August 20th

In this class, we talk about the why?, the meaning, the scriptures, making baptism meaningful, and the logistics of the big day. 

If you're interested in exploring water baptism, please fill out the form below or talk with someone on our pastoral team and we'd love to journey with you!

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Vaters.