Spiritual Formation is one of the 7 core values at Living Waters – in part it say this:  We're people who journey to be more like Jesus. We respect the notion that we are at different places along the way and celebrate the fact each of us has chosen the same path. Our path is one of experiencing God in His fullness, of learning to be Christ-like and then applying what we have learned in love.


Another term for spiritual formation is discipleship and to help our community to be more like Jesus, we have created discipleship process called The Journey.  There are four identified steps along the way which begins with Exploring Christianity for those who are not yet disciples of Jesus. From there the journey move to transforming, maturing and leading disciple. Each step has areas of crossover indicated by the overlapping circles and our core values underline all of the steps.


To learn more about what each step in the journey is about select “Our Discipleship Journey” to left of this page. We’re excited to be on the journey together.



Holy Week of Prayer | April 9-16, 2017

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Water Baptism Sunday | February 12

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