Women's Day: STRONG - body, mind and spirit

Women's Day: STRONG - body, mind and spirit

As women we tend to spend our days caring for everyone else and our own self-care takes a back seat. We end up tired, weary and sometimes even burned out!

This is not God’s desire for our lives. We believe He wants His daughters to be STRONG; physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that we can live powerful lives for His Kingdom. 

This year Women’s Day is dedicated to just that. We will be having three sessions each focussing on the different areas of the whole person. In addition, a bonus session will be available (during the lunch break), for those who desire to be married, discussing how to navigate the waiting period.

Come join us for a time of discovery and discussion around healthy, wholehearted living.

Our speakers/facilitators are:  

Monica Rosenke – Physical well being

Ashley Crozier – Emotional well being

Rachel Schock & Diolinda Karpinski – Spiritual well being

Irene Hill - The waiting game 

We will finish the day by joining together in a time of worship led by Victoria Wilkinson. 

The cost is only $10, which includes a wonderful lunch catered by Jeff Enns of Tastefully Yours.  

Registration is now closed.


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